Aug 272015

Capable of producing a great many items from wood. If can you envision it, we can probably make it.

Wood shop support. Surfacing. Cabinet parts. Stencils. Signs. Photo inlays. Custom furniture. Wood sculpture. Canes. Rolling pins. Artsy pieces.

CNC Services

Labor Rates and Machine Time Listed below are our current rates for design, assembly and machine time. Get your project started. Email us directly at info @ panamcnc dot com Labor and Machine Time Cost Structure, Hourly in US Dollars:

Design time Scanning of parts, drawing of assemblies on computer, preparation of files and coding.

Is your project idea documented in a graphic or vector computer file?

These formats are preferred: cvr3d, skp or stl, other acceptable formats are 3ds, dae, dwg, dxf, pdf.

Photo inlay formats: jpg, bmp, tif, gif, and png.

$21 an hour

Assembly time Preparation of parts (sanding, finishing, painting) and assembly of actual project.

$21 an hour

CNC Router / Lathe: Actual machine running time required to cut and form parts for a project.

$21 an hour

Parts, materials and shipping are extra.

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